About Me


When I set up my site, I had one thing on the tip of my tongue: ranting about libraries. While my friends might be sick to death of the topic, I still have plenty to say about it.


So starting a site was the foolproof way to ensure that I always had someone to listen. It may come as a surprise, but since I opened it up to anyone interested in ranting about libraries these days, I get visitors at almost all hours of the day. In the middle of the night, someone will log on to read the latest rant about how a certain library has done away with their local books section… or someone will come to my site on an early Sunday morning to get the latest rant about libraries and their bungling of new technology.


The flood of traffic seems to never actually stop. Since the main point of the site was to rant about libraries, it has done that job magnificently. Well now that I have more readers than I had ever thought possible, I’ve also realized there was another reason to make the site: I can expand it at any time as well. This reason alone makes it invaluable.